Monday, December 31, 2012

Wedding Photographer

*Sticky Post*

Just wanna share with all b2b out there...

This photog just recently announced a special offer for their services. The team called Weddings Media, based in Taman Sri Gombak, Selangor.

Click here for more info!


p/s: Pssstt.. They also has canopy service with the best price in town. Do check them out!

Till then,


Monday, November 29, 2010

Setahun Menjadi Tunangan Mr. H

Setahun sudah berlalu..

I have 3 months, 1 week and 6 days till kami disatukan, insyaAllah!

Happy Anniversary Love!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update Org Sakit

Hello beauties,

This is a quick update since yours truly ni tgh demam.. asyik hujan je lately ni kan, so musim org demam agaknya!

Well, now countdown tinggal 3 months ++ je lagi. I mmg xde buat preparation apa langsung. I hand over everything to my planner to settle up from A-Z mostly. We just met and discuss with the theme, concept yada yada and the rest i berserah kpd Allah.

My mom sibuk with all the langsir, katil, door gift, perkara kecil2 je sbb i xnak peningkan kepala dia. If dia memandai2 buat, mmg la ada je yg x kena nanti, so better not.

Now, im looking for someone yg jual or to rent out PAPER LANTERN kaler2. Anyone out there? Plz let me know ok.

Ok, need to take my nap. Ive got to work trow on Sunday. Yerp, aku ni dah kalah dgn mat bangla! :p

Till then,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reception Venue

Hola gorgeous out there!

Lama kan i menyepi sbb since dah start keje at new place i mmg sibuk sgt.
Plus, kat office i xde internet sbb opis kedekut x nak staff curi tulang la tuh.. and my job description needs me to work 6 days a week! *hamik kau gatal tukar keje lagi*
But to be honest, i love my new job so far la kan...

Ok, back to the main subject about my reception venue. The old plan was to have it at home just because my cousins n aunties yg beria xkat dewan sbb x meriah and susah nak bermesra-mesra ni..
But bila dah duduk berbincang with my parents about the pros and cons, we chose to do it indoor.

Pengalaman during my sister's wedding few years back made us sgt2 serik sbb during the event hujan turut selebat2nya together with angin ribut. Canopy dah terangkat2 and ada a few things b'terbangan. To my surprise, I totally didnt recall that situation but masa dok berbincang barulah i tau. *i rasa ingatan i ada hilang sikit2 la, maybe i ada terhantuk ke or banyak makan semut ni* ahaha

Since my parents dah agree on dewan, mcm lipas kudung i google here & there, jump from one blog to another looking for list dewan yg ada in Shah Alam. Among yg i dah call/jumpa were:

  • Intekma Hotel & Resort 
My mom said the food there mmg sedap *she went there for my neighbor's wedding but i rasa       ok2 je masa my ex-schoolmate kawin dulu* we didnt book Intekma because package yg di offer x best. Everything must be in-house tapi diorng punya deco + pelamin ala2 zaman my sister kawin tahun 2006. Apa kes? So, NO NO NO.. next!

  • Dewan Cattleya (Wisma PKPS)
I guess semua dah tau yg the main caterer for dewan ni is Pak Engku of Kuzie Catering. Based on review other bloggers said food dia mmg sedap plus the dewan itself mmg dah Vavavoom meletop! I called the PIC of the dewan but xde rezeki i sbb date tu dah fully booked! So, next!

  • Dewan Banquet Hotel De Palma
Yang ni i call je and asked about the packages etc. Date yg i nak tu dah ada org block but no deposit paid yet. The PIC asked me to wait for a couple of days to confirm ngn i. Adat b2b last minute mcm i, mana boleh tunggu lama2.. masa itu EMAS! While waiting, i gagah mencari yang lain...

  • Dewan Warisan (Dewan Warga Emas, Seksyen 24)
Biasalah ini adalah dewan komuniti. Luaran building dewan ni nampak cantik la jgk compared to dewan komuniti lain2 kat Shah Alam ni. Bahagian dalam dewan ni ialah court badminton which parquet dia banyak calar2 n terkopak2. Dinding ada banyak bird droppings & cellophane tape melekat sana sini. Tadak akon *eh!*

According to the PIC dewan tu akan di refurbish by 2011, parquet nak polish, dinding cat baru and aircond nak install. But dia x boleh confirm bulan bila ianya akan terlaksana. *Ini apa kes, aku nak kawin bulan March tau, jgn main2* Maka terhasil la entry mencari carpet in my previous post. Hahaha my mom x prefer dewan ni sbb risau dewan ni x sempat siap. Teeettt!

Pssstt.. sewa dewan untuk 2011 dah naik jadi RM3,000 from RM1,500 previously!

  • Kelab Shah Alam
Aha! Aku malas nak cakap banyak, ni la dewan reception aku nanti. Kenapa pilih dewan ni? Sebab aku dah xde masa nak gi survey dewan2 lain and menanti penuh harapan untuk dewan2 sebelumnya. I lari from office during lunch time, met my parents there and discuss briefly and YES, my dad ckp lets proceed! He paid for the booking the next day. *Thanks ayah!*

p/s: Esok nak pegi Pameran Pengantin di SACC dgn membawa harapan berjumpa dengan caterer dan si pembuat pelamin + deco dewan. Aminn~ kalau terjumpa kami, silalah tegur ya!

Till then,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carpet in Need

I need help!

Pweetttyyy please...

Siapa2 yang tahu kat mana i boleh sewa carpet yg nipis utk cover parquet dalam dewan?

Insyaallah my wedding will be held at one of the dewan komuniti in Shah Alam but dewan tu xde provide carpet.. i x sukeee!

And if rasanya ada orgg sewakan carpet tu kan.. mahal x rasanya?

Haishhh... pening, pening!

Till then,


Friday, October 8, 2010

Bandung, Bandung, Sirap Bandung

Dear b2b or friends out there..

I need help!

Im going to Bandung to get a few things for the wedding, but...

Tak tahu mana arah tujuan yg sepatutnya nak cari barang2 perkahwinan.

Sangat2 berharap if korang tau nama jalan, nama kedai, the nearest hotel, restaurant yada yada yang menyenangkan kerja2 shopping disana.. please share!

Thanks a lot!

Till then,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change of Venue


It's been a while since d last time i'm writing here..

Well, been busy with raya celebrations, open house yada yada.. and been in between jobs for a month++ and now im back to work again with a giant company.. trust me its so GIANT! ;) heee~

So far the wedding preps is going smoothly in progress.. but there might be changes in venue for both bride n groom sides. After discussing of pros n cons, this that we now opt to hold both of the events INDOOR concept.. and also if everything's paid and confirmed, another change might happen as well.. yes its the DATE! The date of my reception only.. ;p

Ive made a few calls to the halls management and one of them if already booked on the 13th March. If we still insist of having the reception there, the date must be changed.. *apa-apa je lah labuuuu~*

Tomorrow fiance, mom and i are going to have a tour to survey for the halls in Shah Alam. Hopefully it will be a fruitful one for us.. insyaallah!

Till then,


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri 2010

Assalamualaikum semua,

Di kesempatan ini, saya nak mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin...

Sekiranya ada tersalah penggunaan bahasa yang mengguris hati anda semua..

Raya nanti jgn makan banyak sangat, jaga kesihatan, jaga keselamatan tau!

Sapa2 yg travel balik kampung jauh2 tu, kalau penat mengantuk.. sila lahh stop kat RnR.. minum kopi dulu!

Lepas raya nanti, korang semua jgn lupe share pengalaman raya korang eh?


Till then,


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Entry Gembira

Salam bloggers,

Motif apakah pagi2 buta pukul 1am tak tido2 lagi? Haruslah curi masa kejap nak menulis kann..

Yesterday, i berbuka with my ex-schoolmate a.k.a Gang GGP at Bagan Hailam, Port Klang. It was my first time pegi sana. I didnt expect too much from it.. sbb from my experience makan kat Muara Ikan Bakar, Port Klang mmglah x best kan..

Nama restoran ni Bagan Seafood Restaurant and it's a wholy owned by Kelana Jaya Seafood Restaurant. Sapa2 nak buat reservation boleh call the manager, mr. chong at 016-308 8488.

Surprisingly semua food yg kitorang ordered sgt fabulous. We had ketam kam hiong, butter prawn, sotong masak madu, steam siakap, ayam masak cili, kailan ikan masin, asparagus goreng belacan and tomyam campur. Wow.. mmg terbaik masakan dia *I give 4.5 stars ok!*

Sapa2 yang nak try seafood area2 klang / port klang, i totally recommend this place. Mmg x menyesal!

Ok enuff about iftar. I nak story about perjumpaan ex-hsemate kat Pappa Rich, KD. Sgt2 excited sbb lama x hang out and this time Ms.X dapat join skali! *minah ni sgt2 busy.. benci ai tau*

We talked about wedding preparations this and that yada yada.. oh my banyak rupanya yang i amik ringan and Ms.X was so helpful.. in fact, we are going to see a few designers which happen to be her friends. Some of the names mmg di gilai oleh b2b out there. Insyaallah we'll be getting good price too! Yayyy!! *thanks dear i love u mucho!*

Insyaallah the appointments semua after Ramadhan. I have to mengerah tenaga sepenuhnya, full swing coz the clock is ticking.. i've 6 months left nak prepare semua benda. *sgt x kose ok! nikah kat pejabat pendaftar je terus lagi senang kan? sighhh~*

Now time to kumpul material *eceh, curik pictures yg berkenan, print and mintak planner / designer re-sketch saja*

Ok now boleh tido..

Till then,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rezeki Ramadhan

Hari Khamis 26/08/2010, ada sesuatu yang besar menunggu..

Tapi mampukah aku menghadapinya?

Insyaallah, di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini diharap ada rezeki yang mencurah buat diri ini..

Rakan2 blogger doakan kita ya!

Till then,