Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change of Venue


It's been a while since d last time i'm writing here..

Well, been busy with raya celebrations, open house yada yada.. and been in between jobs for a month++ and now im back to work again with a giant company.. trust me its so GIANT! ;) heee~

So far the wedding preps is going smoothly in progress.. but there might be changes in venue for both bride n groom sides. After discussing of pros n cons, this that we now opt to hold both of the events INDOOR concept.. and also if everything's paid and confirmed, another change might happen as well.. yes its the DATE! The date of my reception only.. ;p

Ive made a few calls to the halls management and one of them if already booked on the 13th March. If we still insist of having the reception there, the date must be changed.. *apa-apa je lah labuuuu~*

Tomorrow fiance, mom and i are going to have a tour to survey for the halls in Shah Alam. Hopefully it will be a fruitful one for us.. insyaallah!

Till then,


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