Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update Org Sakit

Hello beauties,

This is a quick update since yours truly ni tgh demam.. asyik hujan je lately ni kan, so musim org demam agaknya!

Well, now countdown tinggal 3 months ++ je lagi. I mmg xde buat preparation apa langsung. I hand over everything to my planner to settle up from A-Z mostly. We just met and discuss with the theme, concept yada yada and the rest i berserah kpd Allah.

My mom sibuk with all the langsir, katil, door gift, perkara kecil2 je sbb i xnak peningkan kepala dia. If dia memandai2 buat, mmg la ada je yg x kena nanti, so better not.

Now, im looking for someone yg jual or to rent out PAPER LANTERN kaler2. Anyone out there? Plz let me know ok.

Ok, need to take my nap. Ive got to work trow on Sunday. Yerp, aku ni dah kalah dgn mat bangla! :p

Till then,



Cik Belle said...

babe, check ur fb msg. =)

Ciksue said...

hi dear,
sue pun duk cari paper latern jugak
tomorrow ingat nak pergi ke PS
kata nya dekat sana ada yg murah2..

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