Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catatan Hujung Minggu

U ollsss...

Last friday was my one of my bffs bday and we celebrated it at the garden cafe, the curve. It was my 1st time pegi sana and agak jakun *ahaha sian kan i? ;p*  sbb deko cafe tu mmg mcm garden betul2, sgt lovely & cozy.. and to my surprised, the menu there sgt affordable & food were nice too. I totally recommend this place!   

Well, d next day plak on saturday we all organized a surprised baby shower to lagi sorang bffs and it took place kat VILLAMAY SPA, section 7 shah alam. *and this is d reason why i cant join d b2b gath. mak sedey ok! ;(* Alhamdulillah d party went very well & run very smoothly. 

Actually nak cite about the place coz villamay offers a lot of services such as spa *package for b2b pun ada & very tempting!*, cafe, karaoke and most of all we can use d place for private function like baby shower, akikah and alsooooooooo for WEDDING!! yay yay yay... *the place ade 2 bungalows; one for the lounge area, spa, karaoke & dining area and the other one yg ada playground, gazebo n function halls*

I did ask from the manager about their wedding package and she told me the place is suitable for small ceremony which cater to 150 pax max and i rasa sesuai utk time akad nikah la kot or majlis engagement. The rental for the hall is about rm5k *it's included d dining hall at ground floor and hall for akad nikah at 1st floor*
and they charge for food around rm50-rm65 per pax. Tapi yang bestnya, once agreed the management will do the rest for us such as deko2, pa system etc. meaning dat, kita dtg mmg berlenggang kangkung mak limah je lah.. Bila i kira2 total belanja mau makan dalam rm12k average. *if i ikut 10 tips from nahwal rasa2nya my parents agree x? NOTTT!!*

  the entrance
bungalow 1

the lounge area

 dining area 
bungalow 1

the area of bungalow 2

dining area 
bungalow 2

function hall 
1st floor, bungalow 2
credit: my friend amliy shahzreen 
who got engaged at villamay

my bff & mr.H

p/s: plan nak buat my reception pn kat rumah je, ada hati majlis nikah yg over grand plak.. haishhh~

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ku... di dalam DILEMAaaa...

Berusaha, bersabar dan bertawakkal kepada Allah..

Bila sesorang hamba itu diberikan dugaan yang besar, dan bersabar dan redha menempuhinya maka akan diberikan ganjaran yang baik selepas itu.. insyaallah!

Yes, saya sangat bersyukur dengan rezeki yg dilimpahkan sebab...

Ive received another good news which is

Surat panggilan dr Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia utk menduduki Peperiksaan Khas Memasuki Perkhidmatan Awam Gred 41. Yay!!


Im in dilemma BECAUSE the exam will be on saturday, 10th April which i might be working on that day. I was told during d interview with gardenia dat every alternate saturday is working day. Hermm, baru nak start keje takkan nak apply cuti kot..

U guys penah face this issue x which u really have to ask to leave while u just started working with d company? Ape excuse yg nk kene bg eh?

p/s: do u guys have any ideas on what topics should i study for d exam? clock is ticking to do some studies...

Till then,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Passion Road

Penat! Tired! Exhausted!


Saya jadi sangat malas nak update blog ni.. tapi ada banyak cite nak di story mory kat u all semua..

I cite mana patut je la eh..

Actually i nak cite sket about my friend's wedding yg i attend kat Passion Road last few weeks. Venue of d wedding was masyallah sangat cantik *my personal view* and i really loved it! Actually it was a restaurant that took place of an old bungalow. The deko and theme of d was black & white but i dgn happy nya x ikut theme. *we both wore purple & blue, ehehe*

Basically the place can only cater to around 250-300ppl max *according to my opinion* as tempat tu mmg small & cozy for reception kecil2an for family & close friends shj. From the main entrance, the dining area was split into 2 area; the left and right area. My friends and i was seated in d left area and its a bit tersorok as we cant hear or hardly see what things going on the other side *meja pengantin area*, sbbnya xde life broadcast n suara MC pun sayup2 je. Sudahnya we all buat hal sendiri, borak2 and catch up with each other.

About food plak, i mmg suke sangat sbb its a bit different from kenduri2 yg i penah attend. Its a mixed of local, thai, cambodian & vietnamese *if not mistaken* foods. I ate a lot fr appetizer sampai la dessert. Right after makan, ddk2 kejap then terus gi meja pengantin n amik2 gambar. Yang bestnya Mr.H dapat jumpa idol dia mr.SN as d official photog for dat nite. *mr.H gedik2 nak amik gambar sama2 ngn mr.SN, ehehe sukenya dia!* Later, we all pun balik plus even majlis tu buat waktu malam, panasnya cuaca mmg berpeluh2 ok.. x best rasanya!

For those yg rasa2 nak buat 3rd reception kecil2an for close friends, i rasa boleh buat kat Passion Road ni but plz make sure ada PA system yg sgt2 bagus and buatla live broadcast. *harga broadcast ni mahal ke x eh?*

Some d pics yg di tagged oleh rakan2 kat fb..

p/s: to JJ & Ziela, we wish u a wonderful marriage life ahead & semoga kekal ke akhir hayat!

Till then,


Monday, March 22, 2010

My 1st Award!

Owh owh.. Mcm x percaya i've received my 1st ever award! Yay!

It came from a very dear person in my life, mf bff Aira. Thanks so much & u are BEAUTIFUL too, inside & out! 

Now here are the rules to accept the award :

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award

2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award

4. State 7 things about yourself

7 things about myself:
  • im very slim & skinny - weight: 36kg - 39kg *ikut keadaan semasa ;p*, height: 5' shj!
  • super shy in person *ms baru2 kenal je la*, needs time to blend with ppl.
  • suke sgt tolong org *yg baik je* & hard to say NO to ppl. damn~
  • x gemar makan nasi berperisa eg. nasi goreng, nasi dagang etc. noodle is my bff!
  • xleh makan if xde vegetables in d meal. *i was a rabbit in my past life, hek :P*
  • i am NOT a fashionista! xleh hidup w/out baby-tee & jeans. sgt selesa begini!
  • diva air mata sbb im a CANCERIAN yg sgt sensitive.

Here are the 15 bloggers i wanna tag:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

so good u can even eat it own its own ~

Syukur kepada Allah s.w.t

Berkat usaha dan doa terutama from family & friends...

I finally got the job yg i pegi interview lbh kurang last month. I tot i didn't manage to go through as they told me there were a few candidates sit for the interview. But rezeki di tangan Allah, if its mine then it will be mine.

Oh ya, i will start working on the April Fool's Day... yeah! *let's hope i wont get PUNK'D! ahaha

The company? I give a clue...

source: en. google

p/s: kene shopping for office attire pas nih.. yah yah yah!!

Till then,


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where's my checklist?

Bila dah ade ticker ni, mula lah rasa menggelabah x tentu pasal..

Sblm ni asyik ddk rilex je sbb date x confirm, and sedar x sedar tinggal 11 bulan lebih je lagi until my solemnization ceremony. Mula2 i pilih 11/03/2011 which is on Friday but my sister who lives in JB x sempat nak balik ke Shah Alam on d time kami dinikahkan nanti. So, sebagai adik yg baik, i pun dengan berat hati menukar tarikh ke 12/03/2011 and the reception will be on 13/03/2011, insyaallah.

The reception on mr.H's side plak will be on 27/03/2011, which is 2 weeks after my reception sbb my in-laws side x prefer buat kenduri masa cuti sekolah. *leceh katanya & takut guest x ramai turn up sbb cuti skola kan banyak org kawin*. My side mmg kene buat time cuti2 skolah ni sbb my sis & bil are high school teachers, plus my cousins n relatives ramai yg cikgu jgk. Tu je la masa yg terbaik pun. Haishh~

Anyone plz guide me on whats d early preparation i should regarding d wedding matters ni. I totally x tau n terkial2 pk ape yg i kene buat. Nak bloghopping tgk checklist blogger lain mcm x tertengok je. *ade masa i godek2 la b2b yg lain punya checklist or if ade yg baik hati, silalah share eh?  :)*

p/s: tonite mr.H & i are going to Passion Road at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. It's my bff's *gang zaman2 mmu* wedding reception. Ive never been there but looking from their website d place looks so amazing. Perlulah akak pn dress up meletop malam ni kan? Ahaks~

pictures taken from here

Till then,


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

lelaki OH lelaki

Psst! Psst!
Ade hot story...

Watak utama:

diana: me of course!
ms.J = mr.M's gf
ms. L = mr. A's gf (used to be my classmate in mmu)

well, to make things complicated mr.M & mr.A are my mr.H's childhood friends. and now mr.M & mr.A are housemates. bestkan?

i got a call fr ms.J said that ms.L called to teman dia, menyerang mr.A's hse (basically rumah bf ms.J dia jgk pun). Since ms.J x berapa kenal ms.L, ms.J pun ajak i teman skali. Tujuan serangan ni bukan saje2 je tapi ms.L found out mr.A dah BERMAIN KAYU TIGA bersama wanita lain. mr.A terkantoi sbb ms.L berjaya hacked email mr.A yg dirahsiakan selama ni. well, mr.A sgt pandai menyimpan rahsia2 dia and in fact, semua no kawan mr.A dirahsiakan dr ms.L *semua yg related to kawan2 mr.A and address rumah sewa pn x diberitahu and his reason was kawan2 dia semua x suka ms.L. fyi,  mr.A bawak kenal2 kan kat kwn2 pn sekali dua je, takkan la diorng terus x suke plak. itu tipu je!* it such as a lame excuse ok? if i were ms.L, mmg dah lama kene makan kasut i. *so basically ms.L hidup w/o knowing much about mr.A n it has been for 6 years, korang pk la how ms.L devoted her life for mr.A*

semasa sesi luahan rasa, ms. J & i ddk luar je sbb i xnak mr.A tau yg i bawak ms.L to d house *demi menjaga friendship mr.A with my mr.H* sesi tu sgt pnjg started fr 8pm - 11pm and masing2 kelaparan menunggu ni ok? last2 x larat tunggu, ms.J & i makan kat kedai dkt2 area tu jgk.

according to mr.M *which he has to be d witness & alibi for mr.A* d reason mr.A curang sbb dia x tahan dgn perangai ms.L yg kuat kongkong, needy, bla bla. He feels happy with d new woman. *senangnya alasan org lelaki ni kan? bila nak bukan main pujuk rayu, tiba masa nak tinggal ko main sms je ckp "it's over."* 

so, moral of d story skang ni, kita WANITA2 HEBAT jgn la jadi suka mengongkong, needy *spend masa kita ngn our girlfriends, famili so kita xde banyak masa nak bugging hidup our partner as men pn nak space mereka kan* and jgn x amik kisah pasal ur partner's life. i mean get to know his friends, keep their hp numbers, tmpat keje, address rumah sewa and jangan membuta tuli percaya 100% kat diorng sbb they are capable to break our trust w/o we even know it.

p/s: Ya Allah, bahagiakanlah perhubungan kami & panjangkanlah jodoh kami sehinnga akhir hayat kami. Semoga kami hidup di dlm keberkatanMu, Ya Allah. Amin!

Till then,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Rakan Seperjuangan

Entry kali ni nak bercerita pasal rakan2 seperjuangan sbbnya..

Dulu masa awal2 bercinta dengan mr.H, i became a person yg x hiraukan my girlfriends. I totally ignored them and unless for my housemate. i didnt know why. i mean by ignore was x tanya khabar, x dtg kenduri kendara, parties unless soal2 kematian. i love them all but i feel masa i hanya utk bersama mr.H. When i told mr.H i have lotsa girlfriends and most of them are hot *nak blagak la kita dlm circle kawan2 yg bestkan*, and mr.H x percaya sbb i x penah pun hang out with them.

After i graduated from MMU, i started to realize how important to still keep in touch with people dat we grew up togther sbb we feel free to share any thing with them and they know us inside out. Banyak memori kanak2, sekolah, joy & tears which sometimes kita sendiri terlupa and they remind us back. Best sangat.

Even my wedding will be on next year, i dah siap2 buat list jemputan. Mula2 ingat my most important girlfriends ni x ramai, bila dah list down baru i tau, i have lots of girlfriends yg sangat2 penting in my life.

Ok, this is about my gang skolah rendah. i happened to be in a very big of girls *sbb kitorang ni sports girls, menari & menyanyi (siap perform lagu 'feminin - angin bayu blabla) & main getah sama2, ahaha* by the time masuk skolah menengah ramai yg split up pindah skolah yg dekat dgn rumah masing2 and bila dah masuk menengah, ade yg jumpe ngn kawan2 baru. so, of course ade la gaduh tu ni. group A gaduh ngan group B, x tegur sapa & every group x nak kalah sbb nk jadi Most Wanted group in school *spot makan kat kantin pun berebut weih, jgn main2 tau* Kat skolah menengah my group was called GANG GORENG PISANG *lawak tak?*

Citenya macam ni..

Every morning, gang2 kitorang mesti berkumpul tunggu kat depan gate skolah sampai semua2 dah cukup then barulah masuk kat perhimpunan. Ntah mcm mana satu hari tu, kitorng berkumpul kat luar sekolah, depan 7-E near tempat jual pisang goreng. *sapa org s.alam or study kat uitm s.alam sure tau sekolah sec 2 and tempat yg i mention ni* Lepas berkumpul, kitorang masuk perhimpunan. Maybe on dat day, pengetua kitorang ni mood x baik, dia siap boleh sound "Saya x suka tengok pelajar2 saya duduk bertenggek dekat luar kawasan skolah, terutamanya mcm pagi tadi saya nampak sekumpulan pelajar perempuan dekat depan 7-E, duduk dekat tempat pisang goreng bla bla.." Ahahaha semua org of course la gelak2 and since d day onwards, kami digelar gang goreng pisang.. and gang yang lagi satu digelar gang cover cun. I pun x tau mana asal usul dtg nama tu. And till now, kalau sebut nama2 tu, semua org kenal ok. Sumpah lawak!

And lagi satu gang i is 'the stepford wives' gang. Diorng ni my bff yg xde sorang pn among us yg sekolah sama2. We got to know each other through friends connected to other friends and sampai skarang melekat dr bujang sampai la dah kawen. In da group ade 7 girls and now tinggal 3 je yg available lagi *my turn next year, yay*

Now, if ade any of my girls yg ajak hangout, i mmg x lepaskan peluang sbb nak tebus masa2 dulu yg i tinggalkan mereka.. SAYA SAYANG KAMU!

ex-gang COVER CUN 
(used to be rival & now bff)
 L-R: ijan, aie & ara

(2nd fr left was d interior designer of hair kunst salon)

 ni lah GGP tapi x semua ada sbb ade a few yg ddk outside KL
L-R: alia, azni, shinaz, kish (in ireland now), nisya (d wedding planner) & myself

 dinner at full house, ara damansara

 us with d partners & d baby

 during azni's engagement

L-R: dalia, joy, me, mas, linda
 taken during aira's wedding

 L-R: linda, aira, daleen sweetheart, me, joy, ana
taken during mas's wedding

 gang MMU housemate
L: nadia, R: ekin

I love them all so muchhhh.... even kadang2 kita jarang2 jumpe, kita still ade FB kan? ;)

Till then,


Friday, March 5, 2010

forgive but NOT forget

I was stunned tapi mengapakah...??

Ptg tadi me n my girls went to The Curve. Kami jalan2 dan survey2 barang utk party and shopping for birthday present seseorang. Well, kitorang habis kan masa kat sana pun kejap je sbb plan to sambung lepak2 minum kat area shah alam je. On our way back walking from The Curve to Ikea,  *we parked our car there* I bumped into an old friend of mine which happened to be my bff long time ago.

*we used to be called as 'belangkas' n whenever i go sumwhere alone, ppl will asked where's she and same goes to her sbb jarang2 kitorang x bersama2. We've been bff for 10 years but there were something bad happened to our friendship which totally can't be mend. I was sad, my heart was broken but let bygones be bygones. I am totally happy now. I am surrounded with beautiful people in my life; my fiance, my 'stepford wives' girls, my 'gang goreng pisang' girls * in high school*, my primary school girls, gang2 'gvrjuna' boys & girls and fb & bloggers. Yeah, life must go on and i choose to be positive and keep looking for the best the world could offer. Oh ah, dah melalut jauh ni..*

Ok, i wasnt ready to see her or hear her voice or whatever. I just dont. Sementara luka2, marah2 ni ade dlm hati i, i mmg xnak jumpa dia in-person. Cukup just tau she's doing ok through FB. Dat's all. Masa kitorang tersempak tadi all i can do was giving her d most skeptical smile ever. Hah enuff said!

p/s: i accidentally scratched my sister's brand new honda city. tho its just very2 minor but she's totally pissed off at me as she just got d car a month ago. im really2 sorry sis.  :(

Till then,


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FEWIT! *part II*

Salam semua,

I sangat2 happy sbb I dah fully recovered dr sakit. Alhamdulillah semua ok, cuma doc advised i utk jaga makan, ikut time since perut i ni produced too much acid. *kalau boleh 6-8 meals a day, boleh ke?*

Now nak sambung cite pasal FEWIT ari tuh..

Since tarikh FEWIT ni on the 19-21hb Feb, awal2 lagi i dah siap2 prepare nak overnite at fmil's hse sbb senang esok pagi2 boleh terus bertolak fr gombak *x kuasa nak bangun pagi2 drive fr s.alam*. So, siang on 18hb tu i dah planned with all mr.H's friends nak buat surprised kat WeddingsMedia office since mr.H's birthday is on d 19th. Bukan nak celebrate ape pun, i just made him kek batik which is mr.H's favourite n he onced told me dah lama dia x makan kek tu. So i pun buat la.

Sesampai kat office, semua buat2 busy and ade yg tgh main carrom, so mr.H joined. I amik kesempatan tu curik2 masuk bilik partner mr.H and bersusah payah menghidupkan candle sbb bilik tu gelap gelita. Once ready, mr.H's friend turn off all d lights n i keluar fr d room sambil menyanyi2 lagu "Happy birthday la la la". We all berjaya buat surprise n he looked malu2 but sengih2 la kan. From d look of my cake nampak mcm moist choc cake, but after he cut d cake, mr.H ckp "Na, ni kek batik kan? Bestnya sayang.." *i sangat terharu ok even kek tu biasa2 je tp sgt hepi bila dihargai n kawan2 mr.H pn ckp sedap, yay!*

Next morning around 11am we all bertolak to PD. All d way from gombak to tol sg besi, i tertido sbb mengantuk sgt *dat nite i had d worst mosquitoes attack*. On dat day, we all convoy with 8 cars in total n d rest came on saturday sbb x dpt cuti. We all checked in at Regency Tg. Tuan and we were split into 2; boys n girls penthouse. The unit was so cantik n sgt2 luas n selesa. There were 4 rooms n mine was d master room with seaside view. ;)

On d first day aktiviti x berapa pack sangat. Mula2 we had lunch at kedai2 makan area Teluk Kemang then balik for freshen up. Bila cuaca redup sket, aktiviti wajib mestilah berenang2 di kolam. *nak mandi laut mcm takut sbb baru2 ni kan masuk news about a man was attacked by unknown creature dlm laut kat area resort kitorang, tp after pool, i terjun laut kejap sbb rindu air laut, ghehhe*

Malam we had dinner n mereka2 tlh planned surprised bday to mr.H again. So dia tiup candle 2x pada umur 26thn ni. *bestnya*

On d next day ada aktiviti beach volley ball *my team kalah teruk sbb semua x pandai main*, beach soccer with kain pelikat *my team won 1st place* and sukaneka *we won 2nd place* but overall our team falls to 3rd place. I sgt hepi sbb my target was to beat team mr.H and we did as mr.H's team was in d last place. *bluek bluek padan muke* Aktiviti malam like usual ade bbq, nyanyi2 n lepak bersantai and ditutup dgn acara penyampaian hadiah.

On d last day, pada awal pagi is acara terjun kolam n aktiviti banana boat *some of them yg naik banana boat tu injured sbb d boat 'driver' jatuhkan bdk2 ni dkt area yg banyak batu2 ditambak n ada yg balik berdarah2* Mr.H n i x join sbb we all takut. So, kami bercanda di tepi kolam sahaja.

Here are some of d piccas..

mari ke port dickson

 FEWIT Ex-Hillcrest '84

mr.H with his bday cake

canopy utk kami berteduh dr cahaya sang suria yg menusuk kulit

tu akak tgh posing nak tunggu bola

  ni akak ddk coaching kat luar padang sbb aksi mulut lg banyak dr aksi tangan

nampak x akak tgh kejar bola tu. sgt gigih kan?  

 ni acara sukaneka. 
namanya passing rubberband using straw.

acara build team's castle
we were d sea horse!

 ade rupe seahorse x?
castle kitorang dpt no. 2

 ni team mr.H
team siput sedut

ni plak team belut elektrik
team ni overall dapat no.1 

 ni team tapak sulaiman
utk acara ni team ni dpt no.1
overall dpt no. 2

 happy kan?

 ni nak masuk dlm majalah mempelam

salah seorang mangsa banana boat

Nampaknya itu je la entry kali ni. Ade banyak cite lain tapi tgk mood akak dulu eh. Kalau rajin akak share ok.

Till then,